Inspired by the rare pine that flourishes only on the windswept cliffs of La Jolla, California, Torrey Pines is a sexy summer fragrance. The southern California heat is present in the perfume’s warmth, characterized by notes of lemon and vanilla. The expected pine scent is unexpectedly made sultry by an accord of velvet highlighted by notes of coconut and fir needle. Delicate yet forward. Noticeable yet subtle.


Eau de Parfum strength, 15-20% concentration of the highest quality materials.


Silllage (throw): One spray for moderate. Two sprays for generous.

Tenacity (duration): 5-7 hours.

For external use only. 


60ml or 2.2 oz clear glass bottle, paper adhesive label, gold pump atomizer with gold cap. 





Torrey Pines Spray Eau de Parfum

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